About Us

Create Urgency. Close the Deal.

What will set you apart in the eyes of your targeted buyers? Your ability to challenge current assumptions and bring new perspectives to the table. As new research on sales performance demonstrates, you need provocative and compelling insights that will drive deals forward.

Relying on Visible Impact, you can strengthen your market positioning, elevate sales conversations and accelerate buying decision cycles. You’ll have the insight-driven positioning and messaging you need to:

  • Help your buyers visualize the case for taking action
  • Vividly communicate the full value of your solution
  • Make your message go viral within a decision team

Find out what clients like SAP, PTC, Cisco, Microsoft, and Accenture have already discovered. With Visible Impact, you can bring your selling and marketing teams together to produce compelling positions, messages and insights that create a sense of urgency and win more business. Our signature programs – Visible Insights, Executive Perspectives, and Actionable Assets – are designed to position your company as a trusted authority at all stages of your buyer’s decision process. Learn more about the solutions we deliver and the results we guarantee. Contact us now.

Co-Founder Britton Manasco

Britton ManascoBritton Manasco has nearly two decades of deep expertise in business technology and professional services focused on developing strategic marketing and sales enablement programs to build business credibility, generate demand and enhance sales outreach.

Prior to launching Visible Impact and Manasco Marketing Partners, Britton was a consultant for Prime Resource Group (which specializes in sales performance consulting for companies engaged in a complex sale) and Peppers and Rogers Group (which specializes in “one-to-one,” relationship marketing for F500 companies). Britton produces the thought leadership strategy blog Illuminating the Future and the executive journal, Elevation Quarterly. In addition, he has written for Harvard Business Review; The New York Times; CIO Magazine; Sales and Marketing Management; and many other media outlets worldwide.

Co-Founder M. Lee Sellers

Lee SellersLee Sellers has over two decades of executive experience in corporate sales and marketing. Prior to joining Visible Impact, Lee held a variety of marketing positions with Dell, Inc., focused on building strategic marketing plans for both the SMB and enterprise space. Prior to that, Lee was Vice President of Sales for Ziff Davis Enterprise, leading publisher of brands such as eWEEK and CIO Insight. In that capacity, Lee led a team of sales consultants responsible for building integrated marketing plans for several global technology firms.

A licensed attorney, Lee spent the decade of the 90s in legal publishing and was intimately engaged in developing and driving the adoption of online and software-based research.