Your Buyer Won’t Budge? Time to Create a Sense of Urgency.

Research on sales performance suggests that deal cycles are getting longer. Despite all the sales and marketing resources devoted to driving new business, decision makers are slow to move. And sometimes they make no decision at all.

What explains this breakdown when it happens to you?

Perhaps your positioning is not compelling and differentiated enough to cut through all the noise. Maybe your sales conversations are not getting to the full costs and consequences of standing still. Or it could be that your marketing and selling teams are misaligned?

Whatever the reason, it’s clear your buyer isn’t buying the case for change. You’re challenged to create a sense of urgency and accelerate your buyer’s decision cycle.

Accelerate Sales Cycle

Messaging to Win: How to Accelerate Buying Decision Cycles.

That’s why a growing number of companies are now focused on Insight Selling – a strategy that revolves around challenging the current thinking of prospects, providing new insights, and illuminating problems they’ve overlooked.  

“Traditional solution selling is based on the premise that salespeople should lead with open-ended questions designed to surface recognized customer needs,” according to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review. “Insight-based selling rests on the belief that salespeople must lead with disruptive ideas that will make customers aware of unknown needs. When handled skillfully, insights guide the conversation toward areas where the supplier outperforms its competitors.”

To meet this objective, you have to equip your selling and marketing teams with messages that truly make a difference. In today’s demanding, B2B selling environment, it’s about vividly and visually articulating your insights in ways that:

  • Provoke Discussion
  • Accelerate Comprehension
  • Clarify the Case for Change
  • Demonstrate Business Value
  • Drive the Deal Forward

So how do you position your company to win? You draw on the contributions of key stakeholders and subject matter experts to develop the perspectives, insights, and value propositions that will compel buyers to take action.

Thought Leadership

Ready to position yourself in a way that’s relevant, provocative and memorable?

With Visible Insights, you can lock on to the deepest concerns and challenges of your prospective buyer, and then articulate your story and solution in ways that will resonate with that buyer. Through a Collaborative Design Lab, you’ll bring key members of your team together to develop a powerful perspective that will elevate and strengthen your growth efforts. And when conversations take place in the field or over the phone, your people will speak with clarity, consistency, and conviction.

Ready to engage more executive decision makers?

What if you could engage decision makers earlier in a buying cycle and set the stage for compelling and differentiated sales conversations? With Executive Perspectives, you’ll position your executive leaders and subject matter experts as trusted authorities – amplifying your point of view in the market, driving up demand, and enabling your sales people to close more deals.

Ready to supercharge your demand generation and sales enablement programs?

Once you’ve developed your key messages, you need to ensure they are translated into assets or tools that will support your revenue generation programs. You’ll need Actionable Assets to support demand generation – whether this includes executive briefs, position papers, e-books, blog posts, campaign copy, solution documents, or webinar presentations. And you’ll need Actionable Assets to enable your selling team including sales presentations, sales playbooks, and relevant training resources.

What sets you apart in today’s demanding markets is the ability to bring provocative ideas to your buyer that provide a new angle and direction. By challenging assumptions and bringing new perspectives, you establish yourself as a trusted authority and differentiated supplier. And by providing reliable guidance at every stage of a buying decision, you accelerate your buyer’s decision making process.

Ready to arm and enable your selling teams?

It’s not enough to create sales assets and roll them out with conventional training exercises. You want buy in. You want adoption. You want your sellers—whether inside, field or channel—to carry your message forward with confidence and conviction. With Sales Activation, you’ll have the support you need to train, coach, roll out, and reinforce your value story—ensuring sales conversations present a compelling perspective and fully resonate with prospective clients.

Our signature programs—Visible Insights, Executive Perspectives, Actionable Assets, and Sales Activation—are designed to position your company as a trusted authority at all stages of your buyer’s decision process. Learn more about the solutions we deliver and the results we guarantee. Contact us now.