We Find Your Story
And Make It Matter.

You have a story to tell. Telling it in a way that drives business results can be a challenge. Usually, something is lacking: time, resources, ownership, expertise, buy-in, a compelling message, helpful imagery, consensus across stakeholders, or complete perspectives. 

Our mission at Visible Impact is not only to uncover your story, but to make it matter – to your stakeholders, your customers, your partners, and your bottom line. Our team of messaging, content, and design experts delivers informationally rich, visually compelling assets that captivate buyers and sellers. We apply our expertise to eliminate disconnects among sales, marketing, and executives, harmonizing all perspectives to create and fully activate your story. It’s this convergence of insights and consensus that sets us apart – and makes a Visible Impact on your bottom line.

The Visible Impact Team


M. Lee Sellers


Lee is a skilled facilitator who focuses on sales enablement and partner relationships at Visible Impact. Fluent in both sales and marketing, his ability to bring people together is unmatched.

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Rebecca Thorburn


Rebecca is Visible Impact’s chief organizer, communicator, and expert whip cracker. When it needs to be done, talk to her and it happens. Just. Like. That.

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Guy Currier

Executive Vice President

Guy manages Visible Impact’s services portfolio and Technology practice. A consummate storyteller, he specializes in building the bridge from product features to value messages.

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Andrea Frost

Strategic Content Director

Jaime Hammond

Creative Director

Amy Luciow

Creative Director

The Visible Impact Story

Visible Impact was founded in 2012 by M. Lee Sellers and Britton Manasco with a vision for making B2B content distinctive, compelling, and measurably effective. We started with a focus on technology companies, and over time have grown to span industries from technology to building materials, financial services, healthcare, legal and more. Our early capabilities in content, sales enablement, and training have expanded to include interactive assets, social, webcasts, and video, but the core goal of delivering bottom-line impacts for our clients with messaging and arresting design continues.

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