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E-book Excerpt: Product Marketing Imperiled

E-book Excerpt: Product Marketing Imperiled

Senior decision-makers say they are disappointed by 85% of their sales conversations.1  What lies behind that number should be of concern to every product leader, manager, and marketer.  Your role is to ensure an active, enthusiastic presentation of your product to...

Broken Mirror? New Thinking on Successful Sales Conversations

Broken Mirror? New Thinking on Successful Sales Conversations

New research introduces a surprising perspective on the use of the mirroring technique in sales Mirroring is a concept that emerged from the world of psychology and has been fully absorbed in today’s sales training approaches. In fact, it’s almost considered a given....

Secrets of a Strategic Product Marketer

Secrets of a Strategic Product Marketer

Product marketing requires a balance of strategic and tactical activities. Does your balance of activities drive the desired business returns? Are you focused on strategic, meaningful activities, driving outsized outcomes? Or are you stuck in the tactical?  Most...

3 Choices: Innovate, Transform, or Be Disrupted

Who will guide today’s corporate leaders through the turbulent challenges presented by the digital economy? It’s a question posed by Scott Santucci, founder of the Sales Enablement Society and a director at The Alexander Group in a keynote speech at the recent...

Sixty Days of Solid Success

Visible Impact’s new Managing Director, Rebecca Thorburn, reflects on change, challenges, and how to avoid being burned at the stake as a “technology witch." Rebecca Thorburn is a straight shooter. When asked what gets her out of bed in the morning, she confesses it’s...

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