Bringing a Full Spectrum of Voices into the Stories You Share with Customers


Too often, marketers struggle to produce messages and content that are carried forward by the rest of the organization. It’s like there’s a schism between the marketers trying to generate qualified leads and the sellers who are intent on sharing insights that guide buyers to a final decision.

According to SiriusDecisions, 70% of the content generated by marketing for sales support purposes never gets used by sellers. That’s a lot of time and resources to waste in a fruitless venture.

So how can this alignment challenge be addressed and messaging consensus realized?

Success begins with bringing a full spectrum of voices and perspectives into the mix. You want to ensure the voice of sales and the voice of the customer – not just the voice of marketing – are reflected in the content that’s produced.

You have a story to tell. But it’s not just your story. It’s a story that’s shared by the sellers on the front lines and the buyers that must weigh the implications of pursuing a new path.

Fortunately, content development represents an opportunity to bring all key parties together. By ensuring that not only your domain experts but your sellers – and, when possible, your customers – are fully represented in the content creation process, you create messaging unity and alignment.

Is Your Selling Organization Fully Engaged in the Development of Your Messages and Content?

So, ask yourself: Is your sales organization participating in the development of your messages and your content? If not, your sellers are very likely producing their own – often, misaligned – messages. But they are the ones who are most immediately exposed to the voice and concerns of the customer.

Sales asset management software – from parties like Bigtincan, ClearSlide, HighSpot, Savo, Seismic (and others) — may help bring a new level of discipline to the distribution of sales content and the measurement of its use. But it’s unlikely such solutions alone can be the lever that drives an organization’s alignment and conviction around the stories it’s sharing in sales conversations.

You are challenged to empower your buyer with knowledge, insight and reliable guidance.

Your point of view creates opportunities for buyers to learn about their problems in greater depth and the consequences of not addressing them. It helps them to see they are not alone in the challenges they are confronting.

But the development of this POV message is also an opportunity to strengthen your company’s commitment to a shared value story — one that also closes the value gap with prospective buyers. Why not consider new ways of bringing the voice of your wider organization into the mix? This can fuel market momentum and deepen the belief of all parties – sellers and customers – engaged in a sale.

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