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Elevate your Google Cloud Partnership

Partners are 100% responsible for driving Google Cloud customer relationships. Position your partnership in a way that is uniquely differentiated, provocative, and memorable.

Now more than ever, public cloud is an increasingly competitive space – making strategic differentiation critical. Partners who apply Google Cloud’s powerful tools to specific business challenges and industries offer the greatest value.

Your partnership with Google Cloud brings unique value to your customers.

Visible Impact can help you communicate that unique value to disrupt the status quo, drive deals, and increase revenue. 

What we do

Visible Impact – an approved Google Cloud marketing partner – can help you elevate your partner marketing with proven messaging, content, and sales enablement expertise. Visible Impact’s proven expertise in messaging, content, and sales enablement — combined with an agile approach — quickly delivers a strategically distinctive Google Cloud partner message and unified, end-to-end, market-ready content and sales enablement assets. 


Master the message by building a memorable, differentiated story that draws on the collective perspectives of executives, marketing, product teams and sales.


Make conversations matter by enabling sales teams to have insights-driven conversations that propel deals forward through coaching, videos, and playbooks.


Engage your target audiences to heighten awareness with vividly articulated, visually compelling digital assets, from infographics to presentations to interactive whitepapers.

Why we are different

With Visible Impact, you will gain access to a strategically distinctive Google Cloud Partner message, combined with insights and assets that create a sense of urgency and help the combined Google Cloud and partner sales teams drive more business.

Partner with technology messaging, content, and sales specialists, not advertisers. With our deep background in technology solutions and experience navigating the sales and marketing relationship, Visible Impact is uniquely positioned to deliver practical, actionable, vertically optimized materials – no learning curve required.

Access accelerated, turnkey consulting plus content and design services. Using the highly defined Visible Impact approach and highly agile, experienced team of messaging, content and design professionals, you gain high quality partner assets on an aggressive timeline.

Create unified, end-to-end partner messaging and actionable assets. Visible Impact’s proven approach takes partners from messaging refinement to asset creation, demand generation, and sales enablement. With one facilitated workshop, partners will reveal critical story elements, build consensus among stakeholders and initiate asset production.

Rely on a trusted, proven Google Cloud partner. Visible Impact has worked with Google Cloud for over 2 years, assisting strategic partners in crafting effective messaging and assets that drive demand and enable sales. 2018 partner award winners – Maven Wave, EPAM, and Quantiphi – and many others use messaging and materials developed by Visible Impact.

Our Google Cloud Partner Clients

case studies

Maven Wave

Maven Wave – a three time Services Partner of the Year – wanted to form long-term relationships with global enterprises using Google Cloud to drive digital transformation, machine learning, and data-driven decision making.

Visible Impact worked with Maven Wave and the Google Cloud team to first develop a mutually beneficial messaging framework. From that, VI created a full range of assets that included a customer-facing executive presentation, sales training, banner ads, a direct mail piece, social media content, and a Captivate video promoting the concept of Enable Your Tomorrow, Today.


ClearDATA sought to promote their expertise using Google Cloud to help enterprises ensure compliance, scalability, and innovation in the healthcare space, particularly with payers and the life science disciplines.

Visible Impact crafted a message around the concept of Transcending Today’s Barriers with a Platform for Innovation with Compliance at its Core, delivering a set of assets that included a customer-facing executive presentation, sales training, banner ads, a direct mail piece, and social media content.

Sourced Group

Sourced Group sought to promote their innovation, agility, security, and compliance expertise with Google Cloud, particularly with Financial Services and other highly regulated industries.

Visible Impact crafted the message Enabling Innovation, Ensuring Compliance and delivered a customer-facing executive presentation, sales training, banner ads, a direct mail piece, and social media assets.


MediaAgility – a 2019 Partner of the Year for Marketing Analytics – wanted to promote their innovation, intelligence solutions, and infrastructure capabilities with Google Cloud across a variety of verticals.

Visible Impact established the message Rapidly Move from Idea to Impact, supported by a customer-facing executive presentation, sales training, banner ads, a direct mail piece, and social media assets.

Are you ready to position your Google Cloud partnership in a way that is uniquely differentiated, provocative, and memorable?  

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