As a marketer responsible for products and solutions, you are confronted with a constant demand to produce new assets that will support marketing campaigns, sales enablement and customer outreach. You likely have to produce a long list of deliverables within a tight timeframe. You have a cycle of production in front of you, and you’re under the gun to ensure your launches, campaigns, and events produce clear and compelling outcomes.

However, you are faced with a series of challenges:

First, you may lack visibility into the product roadmap. Why is that? First of all, market dynamics are constantly shifting and competitive pressures introduce new ideas and directions for consideration every day. What’s more, executive leaders can be mercurial. They are intent on ensuring their portfolio is strong and may decide at any time to disrupt the existing roadmap.

Secondly, your shared services arrangement is in flux. Who is helping you with design, marcom, social media, and field marketing support? You may even be seeing a constant expansion, retraction and/or reorganization within your internal shared services team. You need to count on your resources, but sometimes they are not available to you when you need them.

Finally, you may sense that you lack control of your day to day plans and activities. There are simply too many issues to manage and too many responsibilities to fulfill. You may be struggling to prioritize your actions and tasks.

What is most important? What’s best for the company? What’s best for the team? What’s best for your boss? What’s best for you?

It’s hard to know what direction you should take.

Ensuring You Have Dedicated and Reliable Resources

What if you had a dedicated, reliable, talented, experienced team to support you in your communications and design approaches. What if you could overcome the ambiguity, stress, and unpredictability of the current state?

That’s why product and solution marketers are working with dedicated communication specialists to ensure they are pairing the right messaging with the right design and presenting it in the right format.

At the heart of your endeavors, there’s your presentation software — PowerPoint or Google Slides or Keynote or some other presentation software. It’s that simple. Your presentation software plays a key role in your communication strategy. And there are increasingly high expectations associated with the production values of your presented material. You need to ensure consistency across presentations, alignment of image to message, and clarity and concision in the message you create.

Too many companies produce presentations that do not resonate with a sales force and certainly won’t resonate with your customers. Everyone is demanding clarity of message and that should be reflected in the vividness of your design.

You also need to get your message across, and the message has to land. How do you ensure that you have presented a concise, yet powerful, message that will speak to the concerns of your targeted audiences?

The dynamic interplay of message and visual design is essential to achieving a successful outcome.

To get there, you must refine the message and get to the core. It must be powerful and professional. From there, the presentation must reflect design principles to ensure proper delivery of that message. The presentation must rigorously apply your brand guidelines and visual identity as well.

The question at the end of the day is this: How are your presenting your message to management, sales and customers?

Your message is typically manifested in presentations that need to draw on the best of content and design. But you can’t count on consistent execution, message clarity, and powerful design if you are dependent on overtaxed internal sources or shared services teams.

You’ll want dedicated and trusted support to ensure you’re meeting your mark.

Want to widen your options and ensure you have the content- and design-rich support to meet your product marketing objectives? Let’s discuss! Contact me to find out how companies like yours ensure their product marketing messages and assets resonate with their target audiences.

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