We may have been quiet for a while here on the Visible Impact blog, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. In fact, in addition to helping our clients find their story and make it matter, we’ve been working on a bit of a side hustle. We salute all our past clients who have dealt with product development and its various ups and downs — we can completely empathize with you!

But we’re breaking our silence for a reason, and that’s because our new project is nearly ready to make its debut. We can’t share all the details yet, but we can tell you that: it’s an app, it’s right in our sales messaging wheelhouse, and there’s nothing like it out there. Every scrap of sales enablement knowledge and observations that we’ve gathered during our years in the marketing business have gone into its creation — and we know you’ll be as excited about its potential as we are once you get it into your hands.

We’ve also been keeping busy with our “day jobs” while our mystery app has been in the works. Visible Impact has been working with organizations worldwide to help them create visually rich, compelling assets that captivate buyers. We were especially excited to have three of our technology clients — Maven Wave, EPAM and Quantiphi — capture Partner Awards at Google Cloud Next. If you or someone you know is looking to step up their company’s game with proven, actionable sales messaging, sales content and sales strategy, then we’d love to start a conversation with you. Contact me to get started!

Stay tuned as we release more details regarding our new project. Our Strategic Content Director, Andrea Frost, turned out to be a secret social media maven, so you can now follow us on Twitter (@VisibleImpactUS) and LinkedIn (@VisibleImpact) for all the latest. By the way, we always love to share our clients’ successes, so if you post a great story, tag us in it so that we can share.

Why Business Must Connect in a Crisis

Why Business Must Connect in a Crisis

As our VI family enters another week with all of us scattered across the country in some form of lockdown, we wanted to share an invaluable lesson that we’ve learned from working as a virtual team for many years: Even as we are required to remain physically apart, we...

E-book Excerpt: Product Marketing Imperiled

E-book Excerpt: Product Marketing Imperiled

Senior decision-makers say they are disappointed by 85% of their sales conversations.1  What lies behind that number should be of concern to every product leader, manager, and marketer.  Your role is to ensure an active, enthusiastic presentation of your product to...

Broken Mirror? New Thinking on Successful Sales Conversations

Broken Mirror? New Thinking on Successful Sales Conversations

New research introduces a surprising perspective on the use of the mirroring technique in sales Mirroring is a concept that emerged from the world of psychology and has been fully absorbed in today’s sales training approaches. In fact, it’s almost considered a given....

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