Brand or Product

“For B2B buyers, 39% of the purchase decision is driven by brand, with features second (34%) and price last (27%).” Lippincott

While 2020 is a lesson in extremes, many businesses will at some point face the need to reposition a product or even their entire brand. Whether you have repurposed yourself for new circumstances or just want to maintain relevance in a changing marketplace, repositioning can be a smart move.

Why It’s Hard

  • Solutions, content, and even experiences feel commoditized, so it’s nearly impossible to break through (again) and be seen as offering unique value
  • Success requires gaining consensus among internal stakeholders on new strategy, positioning, and messaging
  • Legacy thinking and tactics are often creep into new initiatives

How We Help

  • Develop a fresh GTM strategy designed to stand out even in a crowd
  • Craft updated, consensus-based messaging to develop attractive, actionable assets
  • Train sales on messaging and use of assets to drive the Compelling ConversationTM that enable buyers to actually buy
Brand or Product Repositioning

Achieve a Brand or Product Repositioning
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