New Product

According to Harvard Business School, more than 30,000 new products are launched annually—and 95% of them fail.Inc.

Your product development team has been working tirelessly brainstorming solutions, running sprints, creating prototypes. But their success—and possibly the entire organization’s—is inextricably tied to your ability to drive awareness and sales once the finished product is ready to hit the market.

Why It’s Hard

  • Solutions, content, and even experiences feel commoditized, so it’s nearly impossible to break through and be seen as offering unique value
  • Purchase-by-committee has lengthened sales cycles, making it tough to achieve measurable success quickly enough
  • Marketing and sales must be aligned in their messaging or conflicts in information undermine buyer trust and confidence

How We Help

  • Develop a GTM strategy designed to stand out even in a crowd
  • Craft consensus-based messaging that rallies all internal teams around a common set of value propositions
  • Create assets and sales training that drive uniquely Compelling Conversations that enable your buyers to actually buy

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