propel sales conversations with insights designed to engage

You need a partner who can enlist critical stakeholders — including subject matter experts. And you want dedicated specialists who are deeply focused on your purpose and objectives, including your aggressive timetable. Leveraging the expertise of Visible Impact’s messaging, content and design specialists, you will:

Deepen, clarify, differentiate and refine your value story

Visible Impact will guide you through the shift from product-centric to audience-centric content that your sellers can carry forward with full confidence. We are skilled experts in elevating yet simplifying messaging that resonates with buyers and differentiates you from the competition. By working with specialists in making complex stories simple to grasp, you develop compelling content that is clear, attractive and actionable.

Activate your message through  stakeholder consensus

Producing content through collaboration invites all key stakeholders into the process, and builds buy-in for the outcome. But it takes a skilled messaging facilitator like Visible Impact to extract actionable insights across an organization and create consensus. With your new messaging and assets, we can credibly, effectively train your sales teams on the techniques of insight-driven selling, enabling powerful sales conversations.

Visually enrich your interactions across the content spectrum

Compelling visual communication accelerates your buyer’s comprehension of value, and ensures your messages position you as a trusted authority. Attractive, powerful assets support your marketing campaigns and sales conversations — and arm your advocates to promote you internally to drive a purchase decision. Visible Impact can develop a full spectrum of actionable content, collateral and tools that spans your buyer’s decision cycle.

Maximize your investment impact

Visible Impact is an expert in meeting the demands of technology organizations — enabling you to get more for your money. More skill in messaging, demand generation, and sales readiness. More agility and responsiveness. More on-point, highly relevant content. More stakeholders fully engaged and committed to your marketing and sales investments. And your initiatives can be richly executed under even the most aggressive timelines.


Visible Impact offers a wide variety of programs and assets to meet your needs. The items below are the most frequently requested by our clients. Have other needs? Let’s chat!


Master the message by building a memorable, differentiated story that draws on the collective insights of executives, marketing, product teams and sales.

Messaging Workshop

Messaging workshops develop core messaging that supports marketing campaigns and sales outreach. The program is delivered through a combination of interviews and a workshop that brings together leaders from sales, marketing, product, and other critical teams, drawing on the collective expertise of the leaders while driving consensus and commitment around the messages. 


Executive Briefing Presentation

This concise, provocative, and visually rich asset will enable your sales team to present key insights supporting your solution in a compelling fashion. It is designed to be memorable and sharable, so the insights may easily be spread across your stakeholder audience – and in particular with your customers. The presentation creates urgency and answers the questions “Why Change?” and “Why You?”.


Sales Conversation Storymap

This visual message mapping tool will provide guidance and enable a sales team to master the conversation points developed in the Executive Briefing Presentation. It is designed as a guide to help frontline sales professionals tell your story.


Solution Brief

This two-page leave-behind serves as an encapsulation of the briefing presentation that can be shared broadly across your prospect and customer base. “Lightly” designed and delivered in .pdf format, it serves to reinforce core messages and solution impact through sales and marketing outreach.


Message Testing

Message testing – completed with a set of your trusted customers – helps to refine your messaging and build consensus across your organization.


Make conversations matter by enabling sales teams for insights-driven conversations that propel deals forward through coaching, videos, and playbooks.

Sales Playbook

Designed to arm and enable a sales team to engage in compelling conversations that drive deals forward. These stylized and text-light documents are created to provide clarity through visual richness and actionable insight.


Sales Quick Reference Guide

Brief document providing sales with conversation starters, insights, solution details and calls-to-action.

Sales Training Presentation

This sales training presentation walks your sales team through the new messaging and assets and prepares your sales team to conduct powerful sales conversations utilizing insights and differentiated messages.


Sales Training Video

A simple recorded voice-over of the Sales Training Presentation. Includes more in-depth detail and FAQs.

Message Activation

In collaboration with your marketing and sales enablement teams, this coaching and rollout session prepares team members to engage in an insightful and engaging conversation. New messages will be modeled and participants will have an opportunity to ask questions. Participants will also receive a recorded version of this virtual session.


Engage your target audiences to heighten awareness with vividly articulated, visually compelling digital assets from infographics to presentations to interactive whitepapers.

Solution Presentation

This concise, provocative, and visually rich asset will enable your sales team to present your key insights and perspectives in a compelling fashion. It is designed to be memorable and sharable.


A visually compelling representation of your point-of-view on a specific issue, short- or long-form.


Whitepaper or Position Paper

This asset articulates a distinctive point of view on issues facing your prospects and incorporating a compelling value proposition. Includes 2 unique visuals depicting the prospect breakdown/breakthrough. Interactive versions also available.


Articles or Blog Posts

Top-of-funnel awareness content that can be used as a blog piece, article for syndication, etc.

Solution Brochure

Asset that provides perspective on a specific solution for a targeted audience.


A concise, visually engaging presentation of your insights and perspectives, designed to generate conversations and further actions with your target audience.

Google Cloud Partner Marketing Program

Visible Impact – an approved Google Cloud marketing partner – can help you elevate your partner marketing with proven messaging, content, and sales enablement expertise. Visible Impact’s proven expertise in messaging, content, and sales enablement — combined with an agile approach — quickly delivers a strategically distinctive Google Cloud partner message and unified, end-to-end, market-ready content and sales enablement assets. 

Go beyond cobranding.

Elevate your Google Cloud Partnership

Partners are 100% responsible for driving Google Cloud customer relationships. Position your partnership in a way that is uniquely differentiated, provocative, and memorable.

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