Visible Impact Joins
The Futurum Group

Big news! Visible Impact has been acquired by The Futurum Group, a global technology research, advisory, market intelligence, lab evaluation, lead generation, and media firm.

This acquisition presents exciting possibilities for all of our clients going forward. This move will add The Futurum Group’s deep, ongoing technology market analysis, research, and thought leadership to Visible Impact’s longstanding expertise in sales and marketing enablement. By leveraging the spectrum of valuable content, real-time analysis, crystal-clear insights, and marketing and sales assets that this partnership brings, you can stay even farther ahead in a highly competitive market and achieve greater results from your marketing investments.

In addition to the Visible Impact messaging, content, and sales enablement services you’ve enjoyed in the past, you will now have access to advisory, research, lab evaluation, media, and lead generation services from The Futurum Group. We understand that our clients demand – and deserve – the highest quality content, data, and insights, which is why we are confident that we will continue to deliver on this promise. We look forward to introducing you to these services.

Visible Impact will be an independent subsidiary of The Futurum Group, keeping our team, our email addresses, and our branding. For more information on the acquisition, please set up some time to chat with Lee, Rebecca, or Guy.

Thank you for your loyalty and trust in us. We look forward to the heights we will achieve together.

Ready to Break Through?

Visible Impact is now part of
The Futurum Group!